High quality, multi-functional, precise measuring device

NTC01 Chronograph


  • Intuitive interface with 128*64 OLED display
  • Auto-calculate MAX, MIN, AVG speed, energy, and Joule/cm²
  • The extra-large caliber of 36mm for different ammo from 4.5mm to 18mm
  • Six ammo parameters can be stored for quick select on the F1 interface
  • 99 testing data can be stored for analyzing the airsoft performance
  • Tripod mounting hole and a mini tripod included for mounting on a camera tripod
  • Auto-power off function while idled for some time or battery is low
  • Powered by 4 x AAA batteries (batteries NOT included) or Micro USB (no battery charge function)
  • Companion software for firmware upgrade & testing data view
  • Calibratable IR sensor for more accurate detecting

ROF (Rate of Fire) range

Diameter of Caliber

Measurement Range of Muzzle Velocity

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